Kristina Paabus
52h32h24has the day is long4.5h20h200h192mOnceLapseAgain-1hT-116h3h40h42hSpeculative StructuresSuperstitions to Live ByGood Fences Make GoodFrom Here to ThereSaturdaysall of it and none of itshhh…The DesignationI am Asphalt A Place to Step Forward When it was EndlessSave it for LaterMarked for Depletiona million piles and three dead dogsLater… all that was leftSkimming the Surface – Moving Right AlongThis is what you getThe Getaway Seatet al.StuckIn For ItMultiple ChoiceTo the Victor Go the SpoilsFilter, Barrier, MatchTell Tale BrokerNews for the Waitn1n2n4n6Up for the Take15km2MuhuInventory of the surroundings in between.Plans for a Future With No FutureThe Flexible Grid - the details are the sum.The Flexible Grid - the details are the sum.I measure everything in terms of buckets and piles.