Kristina Paabus
In my work I examine the distinctions of fact and fiction, and the murky areas that lie in between. I am interested in systems of logic, which we as groups and individuals use to enforce perceptions of structure. My hybrid spatial conversations elaborate on constructions that allow us to interact with, and gain control over, our surroundings. These specific systems, such as language, architecture, beliefs, and organizational tools, serve as guides to expose the anatomy of comprehension. I make work to ask questions, and try to find the answers in the process. Through a multidisciplinary approach I create images, environments, and situations that teeter between reality and illusion. These metaphorical spaces take form in three ways: flat, image-based works (a representation of possibility); objects (reflecting the impossibility to escape their physicality); and installations that combine and juxtapose these elements in order to examine the complex relationships and causal effects that develop from these interactions.